The Netherlands (pt. 2)

Sven didn’t have forever that Saturday evening unfortunately, and so I found myself back in Den Haag by the early-mid evening, a good couple of hours earlier than I’d planned. That was just as well though: it being Thanksgiving, some of the students in the dorm at the Leiden University College had decided to celebrate with a Thanksgiving dinner. It was great to be amidst a group of really international students again, people who have lived all over the world. It was fun to get the same puzzled look I always give people, when they ask me where I’m from. 😀 Between the twenty or so of us we probably had almost as many nationalities, but everyone brought a dish of food, or some wine, and a really nice evening of talking and playing games ensued.

On Sunday my sister showed me around Den Haag a bit, and we went to the North Sea as well. On that windy overcast day, the sea looked anything but welcoming for a sailor, but it was good to hear the rustling of sand and the crashing of the waves again, it had been too long.

Overall, meeting Sven and the Thanksgiving dinner turned out to be the most memorable experiences of the weekend. I’m really thankful for my sister and for Sven, for both inviting me over! More often than not, the best part of a voyage are the people you meet along the way, and this trip was no exception. I think that insight is something I would do well to hold on to for future voyages, sailing or otherwise.

— Marco

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