A Cute Little Proa

I spent about 4 hours today drafting a fresh design from scratch, to look into the possibilities of a much smaller design. I love how enormous the rig looks on that little boat, and I think she came out really cute! 😉

As it stands, my 9.2m design would cost around 9000€ and 600-800 hours of construction time to complete (with the ama already nearly done). I don’t have anywhere near to that amount of money. This much smaller design would take way less than that, and would be much cheaper in its upkeep as well. If I could keep condensation and moisture in the tiny cabin under control, then even this boat might be enough for a solo run around the Baltic. Here are the specs of this design:


The underwater design is machine-optimized using the Galapagos evolutionary solver, which comes as part of the Grasshopper plugin for parametric modelling in Rhino. I spent quite a lot of time building a parametric model for proa hulls, and incorporating a couple of nice tricks, but now that I have it set up it’s amazing how good the numbers on these machine-optimized hulls turn out. I’d probably need another couple of hours to update the loading list and do the mass estimates for this design, but that’s for another time. 🙂



One thought on “A Cute Little Proa”

  1. The best solution so far! Not too big like the 9m version, which would produce high cost, storage- and transportation problems. And not too small like the 6m version, for unlikely proportions, payload problems and a lack of seaworthyness. you still coul accomodate the middle section in your garage-workshop and build the 1,25m bows separatly and glue them on later when you have a trailer for the boat.

    Nice work!, Michel

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