New Renderings

I’ve finally got some more current renderings, which show what I have in mind for my boat. It’s still a work in progress, and there are still a lot of details to work out, but it’s getting there! I’ve put a lot of work into thinking over the size and underwater shape of the hull, how to best mount the beams onto the main hull, and also what the coachroof and companionway is going to look like. I’ve also worked out a scheme to (hopefully) keep condensation on the cabin walls from becoming a major problem in cold weather.

The overall size of the boat is back up to just under 9 meters, I’ve finally figured out a way that I can build the boat with the available space (garage), and also how to keep the costs down enough so that I can actually pull this off. My estimate is that I need another 8000€ to complete it, from where I am now (tools bought, ama built, and some raw materials already on hand), so I’m going to have to work quiet a bit to get it all together. 😉

It’s good to be moving forward again!

— Marco

One thought on “New Renderings”

  1. Hello Marco. I’m a middle aged guy, kind of retired and looking at building something very close. I just found your site so I plan on reading it fully as I have time this evening. I have been a proa nut for years and have owned and sailed a mid sized catamaran (Richard Woods Romany) in the past. I currently have two Matt Layden mini cruisers (Paradox and Enigma 460) but need a boat to utilize in the next few years for the longer trips I’d like to do. I love my microcruisers, but I miss my easy living multihull. Keep up the fiddling and if you decide to build a dory type hull, lets chat. I know a technique to greatly reduce mail hull build time. I’ll be bookmarking your page to see what you may be thinking in the future.

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