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Heading to the Netherlands

I just finished packing, tomorrow morning I’m getting up at around 3:30, to get on my way to the Netherlands. It’s about six hours by rail to my sister’s place in Den Haag, and I’ll probably spend the day seeing a bit of the city. On Saturday morning I’ll hop on another train to visit Sven Stevens, a naval architect in Breda, to take a look at the 37 foot proa “Pacific Bee” and probably have a veeeery long discussion about proas, which I’m really looking forward to. There aren’t too many of us proa nuts around after all!

Also worth noting is that Pacific Bee is perhaps the largest pacific proa in all of Europe, and it’s certainly the most renowned. It’s out of the water for the winter so there’s no opportunity to go sailing on the boat unfortunately, but I’m super excited about getting a chance to poke around a bit. This will actually be the first time I have an opportunity to step onboard a modern pacific proa, and that together with a long talk and a lot of napkin sketches will make for a an awesome Saturday. After that, it’s a relaxed Sunday in Den Haag, before hopping on a train home. I’ll be back in Brunswick with the very last train into the station Sunday night. I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything is more or less on schedule so that I don’t end up stranded at the train station in Hannover until Monday morning. I’m sure it’ll fine… 😀