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The Spiral Development Model — Getting Started

This guide to getting started with the Spiral Development Model is a very condensed summary of Boehm et al.. For more details, check out the original whitepaper here.

Your first major objective is to get to the Life-Cycle Objectives (LCO) Milestone and show that there exists a viable (business) case for at least one system proposal. In the first cycle you will likely only do the key activities outlined in Invariant A, with the goal of creating initial versions of the key artifacts. Later iterations will include development and planning phases. For each cycle, you will need to go through the key phases and have stakeholders willing to do a review, the focus thereof being the key artifacts and the feasibility rationale (see Invariant E). If helpful, you can also do mini-cycles (i.e. for a prototype). The Invariants of the Spiral Model are: Continue reading The Spiral Development Model — Getting Started

The Spiral Development Model

After what has been a very long pause, we’re going to go in a bit of a different direction and take a look at some project management, specifically the Spiral Development Model, which is software development process model. It can also be used for other development processes though. Like all process models, it tries to answer a few central questions:

  • What should we do next?
  • How long should we continue?
  • What can we do to have a high chance of completing our project successfully?

The spiral model takes a very unique approach to answering these questions in that it is driven by risk considerations at every step. Continue reading The Spiral Development Model